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Are You Sure Your Word Processing Software Will Work with Your Computer?

There are some basic things you need to know before going out and buying a new piece of software including word processing software. Every piece of software that is developed has a set of system requirements.

These system requirements are the minimum needs that the software has to function correctly. These include your computers processor speed, the operating system for your computer, the amount of Random Access Memory (RAM), and the amount of storage available on your hard disk. (If any of these mentioned pieces do not make sense to you please read my SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS article.)

The majority of computers today can handle running a word processor program without problem. With the inclusion of high powered graphics and video streaming, I have not yet found a newly manufactured computer that would not be able to handle word processing software. The only real issues that I have seen creep up is if you are trying to install a new word processor program on a computer that is several years old (let's say 4 years or more). In fact, the most basic starter laptops nicknamed netbooks are more than sufficient to run most word processing software.

Even though netbooks are often referred to as not good for much more than surfing the internet they have processors that are made to handle video and often are more powerful than they're laptop counterparts from three years ago. From this point of view, if you are looking for a new laptop and your main purpose is for business documents and word processing don't be shy to consider buying a netbook rather than a higher priced laptop.

If you have not bought software before one of the most important specifications to pay attention to is the Operating System (OS) Requirement. Get this one wrong and you're new software will not work on your computer at all. The Operating System is the core language that controls your computer and its functions. This means that if you buy software that is different than on the system requirements you are dead in the water. You will need to return your software and make sure you buy the correct OS version the second time around.

Another thing to look for is the recommended CPU (central processing unit) specification which is measured in megahertz (MHz). If you have an older computer you should check your processor speed against the recommended MHz of your application. This can usually be found on the side of the box of your software or online under the system requirements section. Although not a "show stopper" like the OS Version requirement, if your processor speed is not up to specifications it may freeze your computer during install or possibly slow down your computers responsiveness while the application is open. For example, when you open your word processor your mouse and keyboard functions might exhibit delays in responsiveness sometimes to the point that it seems like your computer has halted all together.

As with any product that you buy, remember to read the directions, take into account any special instructions and requirements, and follow the directions to make the process easier and worry free.

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