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Vendor-Neutral Certifications & Computer Certifications

Defining Vendor Neutral Computer Certifications

In the computer industry there are many well-known companies for each area of technology. For software, perhaps the best known is Microsoft. For servers, IBM might come to mind. For databases and enterprise solutions Oracle may come to mind.

Although these may be the most well-known companies for their technologies there is myriad of skills that do not depend on the vendor. These are sometimes considered more general skills but in most cases it is not that they are not specific but sometimes these technologies are the actual basis for which the companies with notoriety have based their software, technologies, and business. These more conceptual skills are sometimes known as Vendor Neutral Technologies.


As with any area of study, the basics are considered the most important part of the concept, ideal, or technology. There are some very specific benefits to learning the Vendor Neutral Technologies. The first is that these technologies are a large part to learning the more proprietary technologies. For example, learning a standard such as ANSI SQL is beneficial because you can use it under most vendor specific database technologies. Learning the base skills for database and other types of more global skills such as XML and SOAP can help you not only use the base of the technologies but will also help you understand he vendor specific technologies as well.

Why You Should Learn Them

Vendor Neutral Certifications are great to have because they show a solid base of knowledge to employers. This means that agnostic to any platform or vendor you possess the skillset to at least use the base benefits of the licensed software that is bought and maintained by the company. From here if you specialize in a technology you are not only reinforcing your knowledge but you will possess a deeper understanding of its usage. In addition, you will be able to learn technologies much more quickly because you understand the foundation of the technology and will have a better understanding of what they have added to either solve problems with the base technology or what they have implemented to try and add value to the base knowledge.

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