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Three Benefits to Online Computer Certification Preparation Training

Online Course Instructional Materials, Portability and Mobility, and Available Support Resources

If you are serious about getting ahead in today's fast paced world you have probably considered computer training and coursework. One of the best ways to show that you have obtained new skills and knowledge is studying for and obtaining certifications for areas of knowledge.

Although there are many choices for training and certifications, I recommend online training for most people. In my opinion, there are three distinct advantages to online training as opposed to in-person and instructor lead training. These factors include required instructional materials, portability, and research resources.

Instructional Materials

If you have ever taken a course or class you are a familiar with the normal books, handouts, pamphlets, workbooks, and class tools. These usually represent added costs to taking the course and can be a very costly addition to taking traditional classes. You can avoid what can seem like hidden costs by taking the course online. Online courses typically come with all the study materials that you need to complete the course. These can include video tutorials, downloadable documents, and sometimes additional interactive sites for learning.

This means that you do not need to carry around any extra materials for learning other than a laptop or other supported device to continue learning. The fact that the supported learning materials are available through the internet means that they are most likely updated and will stay current with the changing times and technology.


With the development of portable computers and technology people are more engaged and resources are more readily available to people than ever before. The new lightweight nature of technology and the ubiquitous nature of WIFI and cellular networks make it possible to earn and research from almost anywhere in developed areas of the world. Although not the standard yet there is a push for the internet and the online world to become more and more mobile friendly. This means that although not all courses are designed for mobile learning, mobile devices often now allow other devices to piggy-back on the mobile connection.

This means that if you have a good connection and a laptop or other device you can study, complete coursework, and complete the class exercises from anywhere. If you take full advantage of these facts you can bring your learning anywhere. This means that you are no longer stuck at home or in a classroom to learn. Imagine learning in your favorite coffee shop, on a hotel by the beach, or even out in a park. All of these are available if as long as you have a good connection and your device.


We all know that we all learn differently. Sometimes it just takes something to be described a certain way. Other times it can be a chart or image that really hits home. The more ways that something is described the more like it is that your style of learning will be covered.

With online learning, you have a whole world of research and teachers at your fingertips. Experts and knowledgeable resources are usually available online. Although sometimes not easily found, this information and access to experts are at your fingertips with online learning. You can easily switch from your learning course to a web browser and find additional resources that can help you learn more effectively.

The fact that course material are included, that you can be portable to anywhere, and there are unlimited resources online make online learning the preferred method for me. In the end, choosing whatever medium help you most is more important. If none of these points seem like an advantage to you may be better suited to a more structured course. The most efficient learning for you will depend on how you learn new things, your personality, and your background on how you have learned in the past. No learning method is right or wrong. I recommend paying attention to yourself and taking the path of least resistance.

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